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Most around-the-world cyclists seem to travel alone. “Just start and you’ll meet people on the way”, is a common advice you find on cycling touring forums. I am sure this is true. Still, I have looked for a cycling buddy for years to join me on this adventure because I think sharing awesome experiences with others rather than having them on your own actually amplifies their awesomeness.

Of course you can cycle through the most beautiful country-sides, have the most enriching encounters and go through literally breathtaking challenges, all by yourself. I tried and it rarely worked for me. I started taking lots of photographs in the hope that friends at home would understand what it was like. And while they (hopefully) enjoyed my stories, only a travel mate can truly feel what you feel — because s/he was there with you.

This spring, I was lucky to meet Jona with whom I am going to go through this adventure (I promise this is the only picture I was able to take of him so far). We kind of met over the internet and found to have the same travel plans. In May, we met in Dunkirk to cycle a few days through France and Belgium together and check out if we were a good match as a team. We were.

In any event, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a great time together despite the smaller and bigger disagreements that are inevitably going to pop up in the coming months. Except of course if Jona loses me on the way — he’s a much stronger cyclist than me. 🚴💨

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  1. Hi Jan! I’m Jonathon’s mum. It’s going to be great to follow your blog too, and read of the same experience from two different perspectives. You’re right, Jonathon is camera shy to put it mildly, so if you can post the odd photo of him that would be great. Just so that his family and friends can see that he is still in one piece!

  2. Hey Jan
    I am one of Jon’s cycling buddies & ex colleague. I am very much looking forward to seeing how you both get on with this trip & how all your kit holds up.
    Having just toured Europe with my youngest 2 in a campervan we saw a huge number of cycle tourists but none as well equipped as you chaps.
    I wish you every success & look forward to buying you both a beer when you finally return

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your message. Travelling with two kids in a campervan sounds awesome! I’m as curious about our cycling as you. It will all depend on how long Jon can cope with my slow pace 😉

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