From empire to empire

It is only when I left Vienna on 5 September that I realised what historic ground I am cycling on. By following the Danube to Budapest I was travelling the old Austro-Hungarian Empire from West to East and by doing so, I visited both the Austrian and the Hungarian capitals plus the Slovak capital Bratislava in only a few days time. Continue reading From empire to empire

Vienna 1998-2017

On Wednesday, 30 August 2017, I arrived in Vienna. So far, I have cycled 1,449 kilometres since Jonathon’s and my departure in Brussels and that is about half way to Istanbul. I have spent 13 nights in my tent and five with family or on invitation by strangers. And I’ve been almost two days faster than in 1998. Continue reading Vienna 1998-2017

The way to go

Finding a map app that is capable of plotting our 15,000km long route through over a dozen different countries is almost impossible. Google Maps just throws an error message at you while Open Street Maps doesn’t seem to handle additional waypoints. Only thanks to HERE Wego, which (almost*) did the job right, you can look at our approximate cycling route for the coming months. Continue reading The way to go