Into the Pamir mountains

From Dushanbe there is only one way east: the Pamir Highway with its different branches through various valleys. Different from what its name suggests, the Pamir Highway isn’t actually a highway. Especially the valley we chose has more stones and sand than asphalt. Read on, if you’d like to know what 250 kilometres of worst gravel road do to wo/man and machine. Continue reading Into the Pamir mountains

Bike the World: Episode II

Most of you probably won’t expect to read this: I’m back on the road! Almost five months ago, I arrived in the Eastern Turkish city of Erzurum by bicycle. After 5,400 kilometres and 100 days of cycling since my departure from Brussels, I was only a few days away from the Iranian border. The landscape was stark and dry, the nights were icy, and I felt lonely. Continue reading Bike the World: Episode II

From summer to winter in one hour

Western Turkey is a cyclist’s paradise. There are wonderful roads through beautiful landscape full of friendly people waving to say hello. And yet, you will only like it under the following conditions. Continue reading From summer to winter in one hour

On Serbian roads, dogs and the College of Europe mafia

I would never have thought that I would find so little time to write blog posts on this trip. Sorry for that! I’m now taking a rest day in theĀ unlikely town of Haskovo, Bulgaria, some 100 km from the Turkish border, and use the opportunity to correct an earlier statement. Continue reading On Serbian roads, dogs and the College of Europe mafia