On Serbian roads, dogs and the College of Europe mafia

I would never have thought that I would find so little time to write blog posts on this trip. Sorry for that! I’m now taking a rest day in the unlikely town of Haskovo, Bulgaria, some 100 km from the Turkish border, and use the opportunity to correct an earlier statement. Continue reading On Serbian roads, dogs and the College of Europe mafia

From empire to empire

It is only when I left Vienna on 5 September that I realised what historic ground I am cycling on. By following the Danube to Budapest I was travelling the old Austro-Hungarian Empire from West to East and by doing so, I visited both the Austrian and the Hungarian capitals plus the Slovak capital Bratislava in only a few days time. Continue reading From empire to empire

Vienna 1998-2017

On Wednesday, 30 August 2017, I arrived in Vienna. So far, I have cycled 1,449 kilometres since Jonathon’s and my departure in Brussels and that is about half way to Istanbul. I have spent 13 nights in my tent and five with family or on invitation by strangers. And I’ve been almost two days faster than in 1998. Continue reading Vienna 1998-2017

One goodbye, some hellos

About three weeks ago, I  wrote on this blog how important it was for me to share this trip with someone. It is suprising, I guess, that this week, Jona and I decided to temporarily split up in order to cycle different routes across the Balkans. Here is why and what happens next. Continue reading One goodbye, some hellos

How to love early morning cycling

Not everyone wakes up at the same time. I tend to sleep as long as I can, others just automatically wake up at sunrise. As someone who used to cycle about 15 miles to work every day, Jona definitely belongs to that latter group. That’s why, on this trip, we often get up at 6am. Continue reading How to love early morning cycling