The ferry, the wind and a baking desert

On 8 May, almost one week after our arrival at the ferry port of Alat in Azerbaijan, we have finally succeeded to cross the Caspian Sea and arrive in Kazakhstan. We had a good time on the boat, setting up an open air camp on the upper deck with the other English speaking travellers and I was even allowed to give a spontaneous PrivacyCafé! Continue reading The ferry, the wind and a baking desert

“Maybe tomorrow”

When we left Baku on Wednesday (2 May) to reach the ferry port of Alat, we knew there might be complications. Only we didn’t believe it would hit us so hard. Alat is a small, rather forgettable town some 70km south of Baku. Outside town lies Baku’s International Trade Port from which leave the only passenger ships to Kazakhstan. That’s where we were heading. Continue reading “Maybe tomorrow”

Bike the World: Episode II

Most of you probably won’t expect to read this: I’m back on the road! Almost five months ago, I arrived in the Eastern Turkish city of Erzurum by bicycle. After 5,400 kilometres and 100 days of cycling since my departure from Brussels, I was only a few days away from the Iranian border. The landscape was stark and dry, the nights were icy, and I felt lonely. Continue reading Bike the World: Episode II

Solitude is certainly a fine thing

“…but there is pleasure in having someone who can answer and whom we can tell from time to time that it is a fine thing,” wrote French author Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac in 1665. And he was probably right.¬† Continue reading Solitude is certainly a fine thing